Ever notice that most t-shirt companies sell really bad quality shirts?

What's the point of unique prints if the shirt is crusty, hard and already faded before you even get it? A lot of them talk a big game but they still openly print on Gildan (Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!) shirts! We got sick of that and decided to take make our own shirts that have awesome designs AND a quality shirt to boot. That's why we believe...

You Deserve Quality!

Remember how your childhood clothes still felt brand new years later? Super soft and comfy clothing that lasts you years is our specialty! Just because we like weird things doesn't mean we don't appreciate quality. We make prints that people actually want to wear on quality shirts the you deserve to wear. We make clothing for real people in mind; clothing with wicked designs that reflect who we all are and our interests.

Commitment to people first

We're a small business that thrives on making happy customers that feel good in our clothes. Shopping online is difficult, so we made it easy with a 7 day return policy because we're confident you'll love Wastoidz. You're in the right place! Join our community.

Welcome to the Wastoidz Gang!